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About The Vehicle Files

What is it? Why do you want it? Where can you get it? How much?
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This site is about everything and nothing vehicle related. We've got dirt cheap RC choppers, priceless one-of-a-kind concept cars and some random stuff inbetween.

We do sell vehicle-related stuff, but not everything on the site is for sale, nor can everything we feature be bought through us. Where applicable we'll shove you in the right direction of where you can buy what you're after, or if it's something which just simply can't be bought, then we'll try and give you some other options and alternatives.

We rate the things shown on the site based on our own secret criteria. It's not infaliable, but then again, what is. Our ratings cover four categories.

Availability - How easily the item or vehicle can be tracked down. 10 means it can be bought by anyone with enough spare cash. 0 means its purely conceptual or it's a one-off which isn't for sale.

Desireability - How much want the vehicle or product manages to generate. For example a high-performance submarine is much more desireable than a poorly constructed or overpriced R/C toy.

Practicality - How practical the thing is in real terms. An army-surplus tank might be cool, but it's hardly practical. A drone with a hi-res camera slightly less cool, but far more practical for day-to-day use.

Price - Our rating for price goes on what we think is value for money. It doesn't need to be cheap if it's high quality. But the price should reflect the engineering, technology or design thought that went into making it.

That's it.

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