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Flynano single-seat microlight


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microlight compact, practical Flynano Aircraft $36,000 (est. starting)

The Flynano is a single seat microlight which was designed and developed by Aki Suokas, an aviation consultant, flight designer and pilot.

In order to fall within the microlight category of aircraft (within Europe), the Flynano had to weigh in at under 70 kilos (154 lbs) - that's including the engine! This means that the license needed to operate the aircraft is (depending on the country of operation) usually easier to obtain than a private pilot's license.

Despite being classed as a microlight the Flynano is a relativley sturdy looking aircraft constructed almost entirely from carbon fiber. This lightweight material is the secret to the Flynano's success.

The Flynano's Wingspan is nearly 5 meters (16 ft), nose to tail it measures 3.5 m (11.4 ft), and it's 1.3 m (4.2 ft) high. Maximum take off weight is 200 Kg (440 lbs) so if you're over 130 kgs (286 lbs) you're out of luck - and should probably consider going on a diet. The cruising speed range of the Flynano is 43 - 87 mph (70 140 km/h) with a service ceiling of 1.85 miles (3 km).

Perhaps the only drawback to the Flynano's design is the fact it can only takeoff and land on water. Hopefully at some point a suitably lightweight wheeled undercarriage option will be made available.

Work on the Flynano is still ongoing. Potential clients can reserve a build number, but as yet no production aircraft have been shipped.


Availability 0/10
Desirablity 8/10
Practicality 7/10
Price 8/10


You cannot buy this yet. But reservations can be made at: Flynano

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