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Zero Scooter by Bel & Bel Studio

Zero Scooter by Bel y Bel

What is it? Why do you want it? Where can you get it? How much?
retro personal transport unusual, economical Bel & Bel $4,750 (approx)

Based in Barcelona, the Spanish design firm Bel & Bel have recently unveiled a fabulous vintage Vespa-styled personal mobility vehicle. It's based on a NineBot – not a Segway – but a vehicle which uses the same principle of two electric-powered wheels and a computer-controled gyroscopic stabilizing system.

The Zero Scooter by Bel & Bel Studio is handbuilt to order, and each can be customised by the buyer, with paint color, trim and decoration all bespoke. Bel&Bel will even put company logos on the bodywork if you want to use it for promotional stuff.

Like a Segway, the Bel & Bel Zero Scooter only takes a short time to master – ten minutes according to its creators. Having ridden a Segway, I can say that’s probably more than enough if you have an average-to-good sense of balance. Bel & Bel say the vehicle can climb slopes of up to 20 degrees – which is pretty impressive. Also like a Segway, it can turn around its own axis.

The electric powered Vespa Zero Scooter can reach a top speed of 12 mph (20 km/h), and cover roughly 18 miles (30 km) before needing a recharge.


Availability 8/10
Desirablity 9/10
Practicality 6/10
Price 4/10


Yes you can buy this. Here is where you need to go: Bel & Bel

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Zero Scooter by Bel y Bel
Zero Scooter by Bel y Bel

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