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Helicat 22 Catamaran

Helicat 22 boat that looks like helicopter

What is it? Why do you want it? Where can you get it? How much?
A boat that looks weird fast, unique Helicat $74,000 (starting)

The Helicat 22 is a catamaran which has been styled to look like a helicopter. The boat has been designed with speed and stability in mind. Its makers say that it is particularly good on rough waters, with the widely spaced pontoons providing a stable platform with minimal drag.

Aside from its unique appearance, the Helicat 22 also offers a good degree of practicality. Obviously the cabin is fairly compact, limiting the number of people who can be carried at any one time, but it can cope with waves which would have boats of comparable size struggling. It has an impressive top speed of 43 mph when fitted with the optional 90 horsepower motors. It also has a range of over 100 miles with the standard twin 45 litre (12 gallon) fuel tanks.

The interior of the Helicat offers a single seat up front for the driver, while in the rear a two-person bench is provided. For a few extra bucks the fixed seats can be replaced with swiveling units which are better suited to fishing. There are six storage compartments dotted around the vessel, including a larger storage area behind the rear seats capable of holding fishing rods in the tail section. While the cockpit does offer some degree of protection from the elements, the addition of optional clear vinyl roll up sides makes it much better at keeping out both wind and rain.

The Helicat can be ordered with 60-90 hp motors of your choice or sold alone for you to select your own motors. A custom-built aluminum trailer with LED lights and disc brakes is also available.

The Helicat 22 is built in the US, however delivery is available worldwide.


Availability 9/10
Desirablity 8/10
Practicality 6/10
Price 5/10


Yes you can buy this. Here is where you need to go: Helicat

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Helicat 22 boat that looks like helicopter

Helicat 22 boat that looks like helicopter
Helicat 22 boat that looks like helicopter

Helicat 22 boat that looks like helicopter

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