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Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher

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The Innespace Sea Breacher is a sports submarine built in the USA.

The Innespace SeaBreacher uses a fighter jet canopy to provide a panoramic view for both the pilot and passenger. In the floor, near the pilots foot controls, are two smaller view ports for increased visibility. The hull of the Sea Breacher submersible is made from fibreglass over a PVC honeycomb core. All the mechanical elements of the SeaBreacher are removable, and made from either stainless steel, aluminium or teflon.

There are a number of different versions of the Seabreacher, and different engine options. The dolphin-inspired Seabreacher J is the entry-level version that comes standard with a single seat, and 215 hp supercharged engine. The next model in the range is the Seabreacher X, a high performance version that has a more aggressive shark-style appearance. The X comes standard with two seats, and a 260 hp supercharged engine. The Seabreacher Y, which also comes with the 260 hp supercharged engine has the same high performance capabilities as the X model. The Y model does have more body modifications, including large pectoral fins, whale tail, and functioning blowhole - giving it a realistic killer whale appearance.

The J model is capable of 40 mph on the surface, and up to 20mph under water. The X model is capable of 50mph on the surface and up to 25mph under water.

The Seabreacher features a large snorkel, disguised as a fin, which allows for deeper dives and greater air flow capacity. The snorkel uses a valve to prevent water flowing in while submerged. A camera pod mounted on the snorkel relays images of the surface to a video screen positioned in the dash. The maximum dive depth is around 5 feet. The fact they all Seabreachers are positively buoyant means that they cannot sink. If the power cuts out they immediately pop to the surface (even if the cockpit somehow becomes flooded).

All Innespace Seabreacher models are approved for recreational boating in the United States and had been granted exemption from certain safety standards due to its unique configuration. They have the exact same classification as a conventional inboard boat or personal watercraft, and can be easily registered in most states. No special license is needed to operate the craft.

Every seabreacher is built to order and the price varies depending on specification and options. Innespace allow buyers with a registered order to visit their facility in Northern California to see the operation first hand.


Availability 9/10
Desirablity 10/10
Practicality 5/10
Price 6/10


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Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher
Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher

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