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SCOD EMAX Super Marine 45

SCOD EMAX Super Marine 45

What is it? Why do you want it? Where can you get it? How much?
diesel-powered yacht very vast, luxurious SCOD $790,000 (starting)

The SCOD (Sauter Carbon Offset Design) EMAX Super Marine 45 is a 45 foot (13.7 metre) superyacht tender powered by a choice of two different setups.

One option uses powerful, but fairly ordinary, twin V6 engines. While the other employs a more unusual, and also more powerful, hybrid system. According to SCOD, each 450 horsepower diesel-electric unit weighs no more than its gasoline equivalent, while also consuming 40% less fuel. When running in pure-electric mode, the Emax Super Marine 45 relies on a 32KWh Lithium-ion battery which powers an electric motor housed within the the transmissions.

The Emax Super Marine 45 can seat up to 10 people, plus 4 sunbathers on the sun bed. Inside the cabin beneath the Solar Center Cockpit the vessel provides a shower room with stand up head and a double bed. For longer trips there’s a kitchenette with fridge/freezer, stove, microwave and a foredeck table for setting out food for up to six sit-down guests.

Built by the Ned Ship Group for SCOD, the 900 hp (1160 ft lbs of torque) Carbon Epoxy Super Marine 45 is the fastest most powerful superyacht tender in the world. Yet despite the performance it is also more economical on fuel than other tenders of similar size due to the hybrid propulsion units.


Availability 6/10
Desirablity 8/10
Practicality 6/10
Price 3/10


Yes you can buy this. Here is where you need to go: SCOD

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