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Sky-Yacht Joyboat

Sky-Yacht Joyboat

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electric-powered boat relaxing, affordable SkyYacht $9,400 (approx)

The Joyboat, built by Polish company Sky-Yacht, is an electric-powered boat controlled by a simple joystick.

Weighing in at 860 lbs (390 kgs), the Joyboat measures 14 ft (4.28 metres) long and 7 ft (2.17 metres) wide. The boat is powered by two electric motors and can run for up to 8-hours on a full charge.

The well thought-out ergonomics of the boat makes it possible to relax and rest while admiring the beauty of nature in almost complete silence while cruising along.

The SkyYacht Joyboat has room for up to 5 people, and can be purchased as either a Standard model or a Prestige model. The more expensive Prestige model has more powerful motors (80 lbs of thrust vs 55 lbs), a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia display which provides control of both navigation and entertainment systems, 2x50W speakers, GPS, remote steering and cruise control. A Bimini top, cover, trailer and table are all optional extras.


Availability 7/10
Desirablity 8/10
Practicality 8/10
Price 8/10


Yes you can buy this. Here is where you need to go: SkyYacht

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Sky-Yacht Joyboat

Sky-Yacht Joyboat
Sky-Yacht Joyboat

Sky-Yacht Joyboat

Sky-Yacht Joyboat

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