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Transparent "Molokini" Canoe

transparent canoe

What is it? Why do you want it? Where can you get it? How much?
a clear canoe affordable, clever, fun Clear Blue Hawaii $2,600 (approx)

The Molokini transparent canoe / kayak from Clear Blue Hawaii offers the sort of harmony with nature only available from human-powered vehicles.

The hull is made from a transparent polymer identical to that found in fighter-jet canopys. So it's not going to shatter if you scrape a rock or two. As a further safety measure the Transparent Canoe-Kayak has two floatation devices, fore and aft, as well as a lightweight anodized aluminium frame.

Tests performed on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, have shown that on a sunny day and during non-turbulent water conditions it is possible to see down to depths of 75ft.

Adjustable seats accommodate people of all sizes, and a wide hull with a low seating position mean the Transparent Canoe-Kayak is relatively stable compared to similar sized canoes.

The Molokini features a removable lightweight anodized aluminum frame system, allowing commercial users to stack mutliple canoes easily on top of each other to minimize space.


Availability 8/10
Desirablity 10/10
Practicality 5/10
Price 5/10


Yes you can buy this. Here is where you need to go: Clear Blue Hawaii

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transparent canoe

transparent canoe
transparent canoe

transparent canoe

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